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It’s Back and It’s Blitz
April 10, 2009, 14:50
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Yeah Yeah Yeahs: It’s Blitz


After a heart-wrenching absence (well, for me at least) YYY’s are back, YAY! Their third studio length album, It’s Blitz, marks another progression for a band renowned for pushing out of the comfort zone and continual into unknown ground. Except, the synth-driven, pulsing throb of ‘It’s Blitz’ isn’t unknown. This is ripped up retro 90’s dance music, but chewed up by Karen O’s schizophrenic vocal and passive-aggressive guitar riffs.

In a good way.

Fans who proclaim ‘Fever to Tell’ as the band’s finest hour might not be impressed, but whilst ‘It’s Blitz’ shares more in common with the slow-burner that was ‘Show Your Bones’, the more subtle and crafted sounds of this third outing does not mean the album lacks danceability.

The lead single ‘Zero’ opens the album and is a delightfully sleazy wee tune that showcases Karen O’s new, tightly controlled vocal prowess. Not the roars or screeches of ‘Fever to Tell’ but these honed vocals perfectly give way to waves of synth and just a damn sexy beat.  ‘Heads will roll’ continues this glam-sleaze vibe, starting pretty low key before O’s trademark moaning (although slightly less ‘organic’ this time around’ leads it into a full on disco stomp. This track simply demands disco balls. And sequins… MANY sequins.

Of course, we all know that the New York trio can bash out some great 3am cider/gin/WIIIIINE moment tunes, but often they are at their most interesting, and innovative, when they reign themselves in and explore their delicate side. ‘Hysteric’ has O barely whispering ‘you suddenly complete me’ over such a beautiful soundscape that no other band could pull off; and I’ve not even begun to blabber about the weird, etheral celtic-vibe of Skeleton.

Navigating somewhere between trip-hop, shoegaze, disco, dance and pop, the luscious sounds of this album are great ear fodder for new fans and old. But beware, leave your preconceptions at the door. YYY’s are always going to challenge the listener, and this tightly crafted songs, may not seem to have the explosion of ‘Fever to Tell’, but they WILL get you.




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