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Sleep is for the weak. Week?
May 15, 2009, 06:38
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From Wikipedia:  Circadian rhythm sleep disorders are a family of sleep disorders affecting, among other things, the timing of sleep. People with circadian rhythm sleep disorders are unable to sleep and wake at the times required for normal work, school, and social needs. They are generally able to get enough sleep if allowed to sleep and wake at the times dictated by their body clocks. Unless they have another sleep disorder, their sleep is of normal quality.

I hoped never to preface a post with a quotation like that, but given that it’s around quarter past six in the morning and I’m in a twenty-four-hour computer lab, having woken at around 4pm yesterday, it occurred to me that I should research sleeping pattern irregularities, and Wikipedia seemed able to sum it up better than I could (scientific lingo tends to make soup out of my brains).

I’ve never considered myself a hypochondriac, nor am I attempting to diagnose myself with the aforementioned disorder or anything like it. But over two months of a disrupted sleep cycle that has evaded all my attempts at correction has begun to spark concern. Not that it’s an entirely new phenomenon in my life.  For the past year at least, my body has expressed its stubborn desire to sleep wrongly in no uncertain terms. Occasionally, I will manage to force it into something resembling normality, but I always tend to relapse into weirdness. Statistically, I have no idea just how common or uncommon this is, but it doesn’t seem right to me.

Whenever I’m still up and doing at insane hours like this one, I feel like sleep is really just an evolutionary hitch that humanity will eventually grow out of. Honestly, we waste so much time sleeping, and while it’s lovely to get a good night’s (or day’s, in my case) sleep, if it weren’t for the in-flight entertainment of dreams, it’d just be a pain.

Maybe I should stop musing on this and really set about fixing it. Also, I must endeavour to remember that Wikipedia is not in fact a trained health professional. Wikipedia will not tell me how to run my life. Wikipedia does not love me. Wikipedia and I should really part ways before one of us ends up getting hurt. Wikipedia’s control over my everyday decision-making process must end. Much like this post.

— Chris


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