Collected Electric

The Authors

Caroline on Chris: A bookish rogue, a dandy on a sugar high, a teddy bear that went and got angry. Chris is a whole lot of things, and all of them, if not wondeful, then at least are intriguing.  He hails from a small, beautiful village near Stirling, Scotland, complete with Monty Python castle. He studies English and Film Studies sparingly, and writes copiously. His hair changes frequently. His loyalty does not. He shouldn’t smoke, but he does, just below and to the left of my bedroom window (we’re neighbours).

Chris on Caroline: The first time I saw Caroline, I felt certain she was too cool to speak to me. Part of me still thinks this, but luckily for me she’s much more than that, too. She’s a firework full of bright sparks, a one-woman style council and the kind of friend you’re thankful for every single day. Her home lies in Cornwall, a mythical Arcadia in my mind’s eye. She works too hard, but finds gold everywhere she digs, and tells the best bad jokes around. Cava is her poison, and poetry her antidote. (She also enjoys joint custody of a hamster named Gepetto, who is exceedingly fluffy.)


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